Road Trip and Travel Picks

There's nothing like hitting the road with your fur pal as co-pilot.

Your first step should be making sure your vehicle is pet friendly. If you’ve traveled with your pet before to the vet and/or groomer, you may already have a system. But comfort and convenience is even more important on long road trips.

Just as you pack items to get you through a trip, you should also pack for your pup. You’ll need plenty of food and a supply of treats to cover the time you’ll be away. Bring your pet’s food and water bowl, as well as bottles of water if you won’t have access to these where you’re going. You may also want to make sure you’ll have a way to thoroughly clean your bowls every day.

These items may also be helpful - 

Dirty Dog Doormats: Not just for doorways. Lay it on the backseat or the bed liner. Use it at pit stops for a quick and convenient place for your pup to park. The variety of sizes fit cars, SUVs, and RVs of all sizes.

Dirty Dog Shammy: A super absorbent microfiber towel that cleans and dries like nothing else on the market can come in real handy when you're on the go.

Dirty Dog Grooming Mitt: Like the shammy...but handier. With a grooming brush to keep dogs looking and feeling their best on the road.

Dirty Dog Cushion Pad: In a crate or out this super comfy cushion pad is a dog's favorite parking space.

Sleeper Cushions: Like a crate pad but with our patented Repelz-It Nanotechnology Protection that makes clean up a snap.

Comet Safety Collar: If you've ever had to walk your dog in a dark rest area, the best-selling Comet is a game changer.